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Frequently asked Questions

A. What You Need To Access The East African Online Transport Agency Website?

To access our EAO website, what you need is:-
  • a computer
  • an internet connection.

The website can be accessed from you office or an internet café.
B. How Do To Access The Eao Website?

To access the EAO website type- www.eao-transport.com on the address bar of your web browser.
C. How Do I To Register With EAO Transport Agency?

Registration with EAO can either be done:-
  • Manually –on a form
  • Online –through the website

Manual Registration

An interested party can register manually by clicking on the forms button on the left handside of the website under Existing Users.You can then click on either of the following forms:-
  • clearing agent registration form
  • transporter registeration forms

The forms can then be faxed to the EAO offices or sent by post or courier.
Online Registration
Cargo to the right hand side of the website
Click on either of the following:-
  • Cargo Owner Registration
  • Transporter Registration

When the page opens, insert the required information in the fields.
Press submit button.
Your registration will be processed and an email confirming your details will be send to you to your email address.
How To Register As A Cargo Owner/Clearing Agent

Required Documents for a Cargo Owner

The following are supporting documents that are required for your confirmation as a member of EAO. The following are copies of documents required:-
  1. Copy of Certificate of Incorporation
  2. Copy of Company Pin
  3. Copy of Company VAT
  4. Copy of Directors Pin
  5. Copy of Directors ID card
  6. Dully filled EAO Application Form

The information is required by EAO as a vetting and security measure to protect the cargo owners and transporters from any liabilities.
How To Register As A Transporter

Required Documents for Transporters
The following are supporting documents that are required for your confirmation as a member of EAO. The following are copies of documents required :-
  1. Copy of Certificate of Incorporation
  2. Copy of Company Pin
  3. Copy of Company VAT
  4. Copy of Directors Pin
  5. Copy of Directors ID card
  6. Dully filled EAO Application Form
  7. Copies of Log Books for any registered vehicles with EAO

E. How To Login Into Your Account

1. To access your account. Type in your user name and password and press enter. You will have access to your user account once EAO Transport Agency has verified your details and send you a confirmation email.
2. The following screen will appear on your computer.

F. How To Access Your Account

Once your company details have been verified. EAO will send you an email with your account details.
When you access your account the following will appear on your screen:-

1. See My Transactions

This shows you a brief summary of any transactions and their status with EAO

2. See Available Transport

This shows you all available vehicles that are registered with EAO and their availability status

3. Update My Cargo

To update cargo or cargo status,click on this button.

4. Lodge a Claim

This is a form filled when there is a complaint.For example any damage to cargo or less cargo delivered, a claim can be made and investigated by EAO and the police.
5. Log Out

After completing any online transaction, click on the log out option which will the return you to the website homepage.
G. How to Book for Transport
  1. Click on the’ See available Transport’ option
  2. Search for specifc vehicle
  3. Press the ‘Book’ button
  4. Send a freight quote
  5. Wait for confirmation of transport

H. How to Book for Cargo
  1. Click on the ‘Available Cargo’
  2. Search for specific cargo desired
  3. Press the ‘Book’ button
  4. Wait for confirmation of the cargo

I. How To Track your Cargo
  1. To track your shipment
  2. Request for Cargo Tracking
  3. Specify communication of cargo status updates
  4. Click on Cargo Tracking’ button on your account
  5. Note the progress of your shipment online.

NB:- For online tracking of your cargo an extra charge will be passed on to the client.

J. Other useful Information

Customs Regulations

For information on Customs laws and regulations within eastern Africa, click the top menu bar of the website. Each country has the specific customs details on regulations. We have the following country customs regulations:-
  • Kenya
  • Uganda
  • DRC
  • Rwanda
  • Sudan

Clearance procedures at the port of Mombasa are also defined to assist cargo owners knowledge on clearance processes.
Claims & Insurance

To avoid losses for cargo owners, we advice all cargo to be insured during transportation.
EAO can assist cargo owners source for suitable insurance products and lobby for good rates on behalf of the client on request


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Our Mission is to provide tailored transportation services to meet your unique transport needs. Staffed by a customer focused team together with a network of transport professionals, you can be confident that we have the ability and capabitly to make your company succeed. We pay attention to details, and stick to the basics, Meet every need with the aim to exceed expectation. We provide transport services within Kenya and the eastern Africa region. We transport your cargo on a direct basis within the fastest times possible.

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